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June 04, 2009


great...you just outed my prospective acreage.

Looks like one emerging indicator (maybe) is the deeper the better.

Looks like part of the trend swings pretty close to our liberal oasis in the Hill Country. While I can't think of a more brilliant photo op than a rig next to the Capital, I would love to see the outcry when someone tries to start drilling in some Austin hippie's backyard a la Fort Worth.

Austin is too far updip, or should I say to "high" as a former UT hippie!!!

The big well that got everyone on fire on the EF, the Petrohawk STS, looks to be a dud, down 57% in the first 5 months, and started out way below the IP test. Any news on how the rest of the Petrohawk wells are producing?

Check this out!!


I smell a rat

MONTH 1 68,000 MCF,
MONTH 2 152,000
MONTH 3 141,000
MONTH 4 112,000


Oral report from TRRC


Feb: 4807 mcf
Mar: 9776 BC, 91361 mcfg
April 5544 BC, 65241 mcfg

looking better!

Hey I just noticed your updip oil trend. Those three wells due east of San Antonio,what county are they in? and could you give me the names of the wells? Any info would be helpful.

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