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September 08, 2010


Choke, that was a good read!
Remember the old "Pigstand" restaurant
on the Drag, in Austin?
Maybe a good place for one right next to the Mosque in "Big Puppy Town!
Robert Gaston

HL, I haven't forgot about ya over here.
I had a bad month.

Like the house Garp bought.... I am predisastered.


you have my e mail from here. please email me where we can discuss another matter privately. Oil bidness question.

Interesting. The Koran as translated to the language of Satan, is well, Satanic, and therefore there's a combustion loophole. But then that complicates the Bible being translated from the original Hebrew or whatever. They're all a bunch of nuts if you ask me but no one did.

Definitely impressed by these views on Islam, really did not think it would be within the realm of..eh..Openchoke...hats off...too bad guys like Ib Sina (aka Avicenna) are not around to educate the fundamentalists on the wonders of science...fundamentalists from all religions usually fear science..hmmm wonder why? an inferiority complex?...
Islamic Scholar Ibn Sina (aka Avicenna, 981–1037) proposed detailed explanations for the formation of mountains, the origin of earthquakes, and other topics central to modern Geology, which provided an essential foundation for the later development of the science. Religion (not Science) is used for political gain: Iraq (Sunnis vs Chiites)....Northern Ireland (Catholics vs Protestants)...Algeria (Moderate French Speaking Muslims vs Fundamentalist Arab Speakers/ even though only 10% of their population are literate in Arabic)...guess Martians must really have a poor opinion of Humans..
On the Mosque issue, does one want to encourage conflict? To be fair, we are only concerned with what goes on in our homes, or see what the Joneses are up to no more...

As the Middle East/Arab Gulf are my main stamping grounds, let me offer some insight into those folks...over a year ago when I introduced Nick Robinson (DI Int'l) to my Saudi Aramco friends,

Nick fired away on the importance of a global database...but the Saudi Aramco boys yawned and looked bored (as they were also suffering their annual Ramadan or month of fasting)...and suddenly they were all ears when Nick mentioned that DI had a comprehensive database of the US oil patch....and guess what these Islamic E&P boys were after? They wanted to know how they could get hold of data to compare similar plays between the GOM and the Arabian Peninsula...hmm...all to Nick's dismay...

Bottomline is that my Saudi friends are sharp professionals and the religious divide did not bother them at all...they were as alert as we were even when they had not had anything to eat or drink since Sunrise and were going to fill up at Sunset...AMEN (which by the way is the exact similar word in Arabic)....

Holy War...two assholes arguing over whose imaginary friend is better.

Or the ultamate insult putting a pork BBQ outlet up wind from the site.

I have never quite figured out how God was involved in menu selection, or wardrobe and grooming preference.

While I am a man of Faith, I suspect that some of these 'laws' may have been written with commerce in mind.

After all, As a Catholic, we had that 'fish Friday' thing going , and the apostles were ......fishermen.

Somehow I just don't think God would let good people do time in hell on a meat rap.

Here are the top 30 names for the gay bar next to the mosque.

30 Honor Drillings
29. Jihard
28. Filthy Omar’s Rusty Trombone
27. The Arabian Queen
26. Dune Biters
25. Goat's Night Off
24. The Pink Prophet
23. The Leather Burqa
22. Git Mo
21. Pig in a Poke
20. Sheiks & Freaks
19. Sodom and Gonorrhea
18. Osama Bin Dover
17. The Exploding Goat
16. Weapons of Ass Destruction
15. Alla Assbar
14. Anderson Cooper's Apartment
13. The Sticky Prophet
12. The Sphinxter
11. Grind Zero
10. Nuclear Fuel Rods
9. Hassan's TestostoRoom
8. Turbuns
7. Bunker Busters
6. The Tali-bone
5. Al-Jizzera
4. The Gaza Stripper
3. The Sandy Gerbil
2. The Camel’s Hump
1. Hide the Minaret

The gay bar idea is brilliant. I can't bring myself to vote for any of the 30 gay bar names in the list, they're all worthy. Good job.

Also, Taco Bell should consider getting a copyright on the phrase "seven layers of sublime interpretation". That's pure gold.

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