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August 13, 2006


You know, I don't know why you bother. This isn't funny, witty, or insightful at all. It just highlights why the rest of us hate you guys.

Pay no attention to Texas Dem. The truth just hurts is all.

I am in agreement...Ignore Texas Dem. I love this sight. I check for new postings everyday. Open Choke is intelligent and insightful.

Birkenstocks a little tite Tx Dem? Relax and enjoy it. You can't tell me that "Berle Piggle, Buckaroo Resources and Nuanced" used in a single column are not indeed funny. If you do some opposition research, you may find out that Bush was employed by Buckaroo as a Landman in the past. Use this column to your advantage for God's sake. Start w/the meeting in the Astrodome. Hang in there, you'll have the state back in your hands soon enough.

OK, I admit it is SOMETIMES funny, but this guy is a damn fascist most of the time. Must be on the board of Halliburton.

I don't think the guy is a left winger, but he sure ain't a right winger either. My guess after reading this column for 3 years is that he is a middle roader with libertarian tendencies. I think he is an honest voice, TexasDem. He hasn't drunk anyones kool aid. Your party could learn from it.

I wonder if the Democrats would investigate the "mis management" of Disney World if it shut down for a month for maintenance?

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