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June 03, 2007


21st century, Christian, conservative oil “fellows” (Oil Men are a thing of the past, in my opinion) find it harder and harder to justify their existence. Back in the 70’s producing more oil seemed to be the patriotic thing to do. We were doing the right thing for America. At that time there were 3 billion people on the Pacific rim consuming about .5 bbl of oil per person per year. Conservatives preached buy American. Remember the Wal Mart buy American TV ads? Now conservatives and some liberals have bought into globalism and neo conservatism. They tell us we must buy the cheapest product. They have exported our industrial base to Asia, and fueled an unquenchable demand for oil throughout the Pacific rim. Christian conservatives controlled all three branches of government for six years and only made the problem worse. Now, in a “Wal Mart” like flip flop, oil companies don’t even suggest producing more oil is socially redeeming (see BP and Shell TV ads). It is now all about the money. We don’t deny this, and the oil business has attracted the “all about money” crowd. So keep pumping out the feel good that global warming is fake and producing more oil is good, because we are not sleeping well.

Scott, you're nuts. Your mom called and said she's worried about you again. She wanted me to make sure your taking your meds.

OC, re: the IPCC report. Those scientists only signed off on the small portion of the report they were allowed to see. None of them were given any more of the report to read. The UN has completely misrepresented what the scientists agreed to and they're pissed. A couple hundred have asked that their names be removed from the list after reading the whole report and a few have actually sued in court to force the UN to remove their names. The UN has so far refused to remove their names and refused to release the list because then people could actually interview them.

Love your blog.

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