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July 29, 2007


That would be something to investigate to deflect attention away from high fuel prices, good idea!! Much better than Big Oil and Little independent oil man screwing everyone on the planet with high gas prices.
I need to sell my Land in Alaska WITH Mesquite Trees to someone. Everything in Texas is green and it is relatively cool for now, I guess George finally got the weather modification to work . He just needs a little tweeking for his process. Quick someone print a "story" on Global Flooding and Global Cooling. We need to keep our stories straight if we are going to succeed!!!

Open Choke - NAFTA is already a winner for you and your libertard friends. I thought your gang loves toll roads. King Juan Carlos has got to be smiling.

And just another reason to go long on Cotton.

Alright! Being called a Libertard and John Birch Jr. in the same week! I am an equal opportunity target...

OC - Congratulations! I'm naming my next Bird Dog, Mr./Ms. Open Choke.

Here is another conspiracy site devoted to I-35 from Texas to Minnisota. Look what you did CHOKE!

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