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July 12, 2007


"I believe in Free Trade and Open Markets."

So does Ron Paul. NAFTA isn't free trade (as evidenced by the involvement of politicians).

"I don't believe in the Gold Standard. ... bad monetary policy, like Enron accounting, tries to create something from nothing..."

Ron Paul doesn't want to go back to the Gold Standard. He wants to let the market move toward commodity money, and away from fiat money since the latter... tries to create something from nothing.

"I like illegal aliens..."

I suspect Ron Paul would rather have the freemarket in labor, thus there would be little reason to be an "illegal". But until then...

The only non-"fiat" money is a fixed-volume commodity that everyone agrees to use as trade. What could that be? We have used salt, gold, cigarettes, and oil so far. As long as there are mines, metals are a fiat of the miners. Grain is the fiat of the farmers. Oil the fiat of oilmen.

Choke, that is the problem with Ron Paul. His supporters are dang windbags that can't even figure out when to keep their mouths shut. You have got to believe in everything or nothing.

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