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July 08, 2007


Open Choke - You are killing Lou Dobbs. George Parr? Do you really think Parr is that different from the Landman in the White House?

Yeah, Dobbs seems a decent sort, albeit nearly entirely wrong. I wonder if his name isn't really Debbs, and misspelled accidentally on the birth certificate.

The ol' Landman in the Whitehouse. ArBUSTo seems an appropriate name for his career instead of only his oil company, doesn't it?

Oh yeah. Arbusto certainly was an omen. Except for fleecing the taxpayers of Arlington, everything else has been pretty much of a bust for him.

Excellent rant.

Neal Boortz is one of those of the school-of-thought that unions did act as a check-and-balance during the "robber baron" era.

Last programs installed were Ad-Aware, and System Mechanic 4When I select Internet Explorer the hour glass comes up for a second and vanishes, after that, nothing happens.

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