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October 24, 2007


left or right, it is all about justifying the power to control other people

When the Right sticks to its principles, it is not about controlling people, it is about establishing a morality-based framework in which individuals can have the freedom to govern themselves and their personal choices.

"Moral guardrails" - long-recognized by other cultures (as well as ours) - are a "necessary evil" to avoid social anarchy. Anarchy eventually leads to tyranny as the people beg the government to "do something", which the tyrant will gladly do, for a price.

Socialism sounds good and it gives the illusion of working for a short period of time, but we know the results. One hundred million people died at the hands of various forms of Socialism in the 20th century.

Humans can not do perfect, so beware of anyone selling any form of "human-based utopia".

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