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November 27, 2007


Choke - I'm reading your mail. I sold all of our producing properties(Wilcox)in 2000, and went to work for the Texas Senate. My Senate cow leagues hated O&G producers. But, who was the only one to not use fossil fuels on our way to the Capitol?, Tex D.

Your namestake, step-dog, a great yellow lab, Ms. Open Choke is doing fine at her internment in El Campo. Thanks for the survey on the Montana/ND play vs. offshore TX.

Choke - "imternment" really means "vacation".

Tex D... thanks for checkin' in. Glad to know Ms. Open Choke is lolling around happily in El Campo. My memories of El Campo are comprised of having vibe trucks stuck in the mud in the field behind the DPS office in Pierce at midnight, firing a crew for being on drugs, and several great evenings listening to music at Greek Brothers. Why do you think your senate brethren hated the O&G folk so much? Texas Observer would have you think we had 'em all bought and paid for!

Just an anecdote. I used to work for a super major (non-US one) and was talking with the president of the US arm. He was talking about taxes and the actual, physical size of the tax return for the company. The short form made a pile of paper that was over 10 feet high and the full return more than filled an 18-wheeler...just with paper! Pretty amazing stuff when you think about it.

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