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November 30, 2007


Woaw, awesome story!
One of my sailing mates lives in Calais, France and he and his wife organize soups for illegal immigrants roaming the town while trying to cross the Channel to reach England (where there is no papers control). Decent young men from Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia... yearning to breathe free, how sad!

The 40,000$ voyage seems too high though. I've heard more plausible circa 5000$ for Europe. Added a one way ticket flight to reach central America before the USA, it shouldn't be more than 10,000$. But hey, who knows, maybe the coyotes promise them better investment return from the USA.

Choke, I have made my living in Dist. 4 for all of my adult life. Based upon what you just put on the internet, you should probably continue to stay away. If you think south Texas justice is bad for O&G law, check out baby bush's (recess appointed) federal judge / former Texas Supreme Court justice P. Owens' opinion in Neel Vs HECI. When your money buys the opinion it is correct and good?

Scott, what is your synopsis of the HECI decision? I admit I have heard one side (the oil company) but not had the other side's (royalty owners) described very well. Also, what are your thoughts on Garza vs. Coastal, which is being decided by the Supreme Court right now?

I like visiting District 4 to hunt but I am glad to cede a very geologically lucrative area to you, my friend. More power to those that know how to abide a system that is lawless. When you know that you cannot get a fair shake in a court, and the law doesn't matter, society breaks down because the system is illigitimate. Of course, I understand that the far left... ie Chomsky et al, believe that to be the case across the board for the US in general. A convincing argument can be made that the US lost the African American community at large... because of their distrust of the laws and institutions of the government being misused and abused towards their community. What are your ideas to ameliorate this?

It also represents the danger of legalism to society in general. Laws should be rules we all understand and follow, not things to be gamed with the cleverest shyster. Once it is perceived by most as that later, then the system is delegitimized.

By the way, Scott... Congratulations on getting back into the game in a big way! We need smart, knowledgable oil and gas men. I am sure you will do wonderfully. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Choke, the HECI case removes the discovery rule in lessors claims against lessees, and makes the proper development of a property a shared duty between lessor and lessee. This places an unrealistic duty on the royalty owner, many of whom have no access to the property and have fractional interests. Many are elderly. How can they afford to hire engineers, geologists...etc every four years. Generally royalty owners do not have access to most of the important data. It encourages theft by oil companies, and they (oil companies) do hide behind this case regularly. In a post Neal world, transgressions against royalty owners make economic sense. It also puts trustees behind the 8 ball, as they face limitations with the producer, but none with the benne. A real bad spot to be in. No wonder trusts are dumping producing O&G assets. It all boils down to who gives the $$ to the politicians, in this case judges. Ms. Owens (a Carl Rove product), in my opinion is the worst of the worst bought and paid for judge I have seen in my lifetime in Texas.

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