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December 10, 2007


Hey Choke,

Here is an update on the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists: In 2004, I put into question the validity of the so called “oil and gas exemption”. If you read the statute, any geologist that makes representations to the public sector, whether it be a bottom feeding phone bank or a contribution to the Exxon annual report or attends NAPE as a seller ….etc. falls under regulation and needs to be licensed. If a licensed geologist is using SMT, and makes representations, does he (or she) lead to be licensed as a geophysicist? The Board is on the fence on this issue and has asked for an interpretation by the AG. Very, very, scary. To date, the board has done nothing but expand it’s power. The Board is made up of political appointees of Rick Perry. Who’s interest do you think are represented by this agency? The Board does not promote the interests of geoscientists. They police geoscientists.

I see of probability of litigation if non licensed professionals drill a dry hole, and the investors want the $ back. This is where “conservative” government has taken us. Give me Jane Fonda and a Geologists’ Union over Rick Perry and his Geoscience police force.

Scott... I am with you except the Jane Fonda part. This is a pure money to the state deal with no carrot, only the stick of litigation for practicing our profession with big brother making sure he is cut in even more. Unions and guilds, which is what this constitutes, are exclusionary, anti consumer and anti competitive.

"Unions and guilds, which is what this constitutes, are exclusionary, anti consumer and anti competitive." ANTI COMPETITIVE FOR WHO? So collective bargining is bad? It's not with the conservative "new world order"? Why is it that the "conservative" oil guys fold when government expansion / intrusion comes from the Christian right?

The state of Texas has set up DE FACTO unions for us, on behalf of the employers. What ever happened to "right to work". Give me unions over government regulation or should I say "big oil" regulation. At least some of what unions do promotes the interests of labor. The regulatory agencies that deal with labor (TBPG) work very differently from regulatory interests that deal with industry. Big money and big industry have a long history of controlling the regulatory process in Texas, and in America. Just ask arch conservative Wendy Gramm.

Sorry Scott, but the coal mines are a thing of the past. I "buy" labor the same way I buy other products or services... the best I can get at the best value. If it costs me a lot to train someone, then I will pay additional dollars to hold them. Peace of mind and knowing the job will be done right is also a benefit I pay for. I "sell" my labor the same way. Differentiate via productivity and choice of expertise. You don't want anyone forcing you to buy a car, or keep a lemon, so why force someone to "buy" labor, or keep it when it is a "lemon"? Unions force me to buy the equivalent of "K-cars" and leave me no choice. Ferraris sell for the same price as a K-Car, but I cannot choose just Ferraris. This just locks in mediocrity as a standard.

WRT the government, I don't think they should have anything to do with it, one way or the other. Give me rational workplace safety rules that spell out how to do things so that I CANNOT get sued and get out of the way.

Choke, you have been sucked into the globalist mentality. When you get your western cut suit, made in China, you are reducing the American worker to the LCD. Buying cheap is not alway buying smart. Sure you get a little more, but where does it end? Slave labor? How does the american worker compete with the 3rd world worker without living like a 3rd world worker. That is the issue. What ever happened to "buy American". Only true liberals beilieve in this concept now?

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