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February 18, 2008


More often than not, pollution in Texas is understated, not overstated. Do you like to fish in Texas Rivers and streams? Be sure to catch and release:


(see current consumption advisories)

Even Canyon Lake, on the once pristine Guadalupe River, is so polluted there is an advisory against eating the fish.

The notion that nature will erase all signs of human technology in 1000 or even 10,000 years is questionable. Even if a massive glaciation scraped the northern parts of the continents clean, there would be alot of durable residues in unglaciated areas and durable artifacts which would survive for millions of years after burial. If fossilized trees survive for tens of millions of years, so also would the forms of all manner of engineered structures, which though mangled, would nonetheless preserve evidences of artificial shaping and forming operations. Think of laminated glass windshields from cars, ceramic roofing tiles, buried drill casing, buried and refilled mine shafts with roof supports, raised berms of railroads and interstate highways. And another sign would be the stratigraphic evidence of rapid withdrawl of oil, coal and other minerals from reservoirs and ore deposits during the period of time just before the extinction of the SUV megafauna.
In truth, I suspect that the evidence of mankind's impact on the Earth would be detectable to careful and patient observers for a hundred million years or more. It just depends on how carefully and how deep such future observers look.

This is some of the best blogging I have seen here.


Also the show on Chernobyl Wildlife is very interesting, similar point.

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