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May 14, 2008


Choke, I came upon some prose which may help you come to terms with deconstructionist philosophy. I will share it with you.

Yet we seek a center on which to rest.
A stable presence.
A final place where all is clear and movement is no more.
A final death.
But the resting point is a wishful fantasy.
The imaginary centers we've constructed,
the pockets of solidity in the pulsing membranes of the void,
must be dissolved, exposed to friction,
invited to dance.
This is Deconstruction.
Not a theory, not an idea,
but a practice.
To transcend the center
And dance within and beyond the words
(and the myriad structures which the words precede)
We must become

Thanks for sharing that. I have absolutely no problem with deconstructionism as a philosophy... especially a non-action item directed one. Still, I maintain that only an insane person would want a deconstructionist surgeon, dentist, mechanic, plumber, electrician, driller, bridge builder, farmer, or building builder. Deconstruction is well insulated in the world of geology and geophysics. Deconstruction falls apart in the practical world. I guess marketing MAY be a form of deconstructionism, especially when used to create desire for non-necessary items, but I digress.

Deconstructionism is best left to the folk that others do not depend on, or to the academy in which it serves the very useful purpose of reminding us how far higher education has derailed in this country...

Hey Choke,
I hate to rain on your tirade against ethanol but there is one fact that people outside of farming seem to miss in this debate. The corn used in ethanol isn't PEOPLE FOOD! Thats right folks, you can't digest unprocessed field corn. Think back a little, that sweet corn you had last summer? When was the last time you saw it? Ponder that question awhile. Common yellow field corn makes great pig food, cow food and poultry food...But its not people food. I live up here in corn country, Minnesota, home to many of those ethanol plants you love to hate, so in interest of a full disclosure I am not a farmer or am in any way involved in the ethanol industry. I sell stuff to farmers, but thats it for my connection to ethanol.

So why do we have ethanol plants popping up all over the country? There are two primary reasons;

1.The United States Congress passes agriculture bills that virtually guarantee a huge over supply of corn. We have oversupplies of corn today, even as this silly debate over fuel vs food rages on.

2.The ag community figured out that making ethanol and feeding the byproducts to pigs was alot more profitable than taking the few schillings allowed them by the big exporters, i.e. Cargill, Bunge etc. Go figure, farmers got smart and quit giving away their product. Who does that remind you of? OPEC? Nah, OPEC would never do that.

But on to the main point in your article. Food prices around the world are primarily driven by labor, energy, marketing, shipping etc. Next time you buy a box of highly processed, sugar coated corn flakes keep in mind there is about 1/90th of a bushel of corn in that box. At the current price of about $6.00 dollars a bushel that would equal $.066 cents of corn in that box. A screamin bargain by anyones standards.

The next thing that people like to say is that farmers should grow something else to feed all those starving children we see on the late night tube. A funny thing about that, most farmers rotate their crops, quite often using soybeans, which is a people food. And a fairly cheap one too. We have plenty of soybeans, so nobody needs to starve.

One last observation. American agriculture has increased yields, lowered costs and continually innovated for well over a century. It would be a fools game to say that story on renewable fuels is over. In fact, given the history of American agriculture we are probably only in the first inning. And big oil is still on the pitchers mound. This should be a interesting game, big oil vs big ag. Get comfortable folks, this game will probably go into extra innings....


It's good to hear the poor American farmer is doing so well, could we please have our subsidies back?

Hi Choke,

I was not serious about the prose, I thought it stunk. I sent it to show how silly the whole thing is, and therefore how silly the fear of deconstructionists is. Do you know anyone who claims to be a deconstructionist…except me of course?. I like the ring of the word, because I feel like I have the right to smash stuff. DECONSTRUCTION TILL I DIE!!

As for deconstruction, it’s a non issue for me because it the concept is so abstract it can not be applied, or understood, except for politician’s words. Can we agree? Hit me bak.

I think a sign of a great blog is when your readers are smarter than the writer... you all are making this a great blog! Scott... I love your comments... even when you need to explain 'em! Lowell, very enlightening...

Deconstruction 'Til Death! I like it!

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