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June 07, 2008


LOL, wet wipes, hello? Savage creatures!

I must admit I did not pay much attention to the ad until reading your blog. Then I caught it...Interesting, not because the Charmin people are on acid, lucky for them, but because the bears are vacuuming the toilet paper off of their butts. Now I have to say in all my years of hunting, and there are a fair amount of black bears up here in the north country, I have never seen one using a vacuum. Digging one out of the dumpster while eating rotten fruit, sure, but never actually using one. Now a real commercial would feature a bear sticking his head in the window of your cabin and getting a .45 unloaded in his direction, and I can guarantee that is a mess to clean up. Of course that would be more of a Bounty commercial. Although just having a bear stick his head in the cabin window does call for some Charmin....not for the bear though. Thanks for the laugh, Lowell

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