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June 17, 2008


You forgot to mention he's converted to solar, wind, and geothermal. Almost all his energy use now is renewable and non-CO2 producing. So it doesn't really matter how much he uses if he's not polluting, does it?

Also, his total usage per year has dropped 40%. The numbers you cited included usage before and during the extensive conversion work he's had done.

Details here:


Hugh, I heard about the big investments he made in alternative energies, and yes, once he made those, the energy is essentially free (and carbon free, except for whatever carbon footprint differential he has in the manufacture of the hardware he uses versus the grid...).

My understanding is that he is paying that much still for grid energy, in addition to the "free energy" he uses. Sorry, I don't buy the "green energy" option for paying more for the exact same electrons because they are green. I asked to buy pure brown from my local electric company, and they couldn't do that, so I don't think they can do any better capturing the green ones.

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