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July 13, 2008


Well, last I heard Comrade Cheetah, Al Abqaiq, and Louis Mao are just as eager to pay rate for a Texas made, Texan owned diesel electric top drive triple stack. All the synergy, technology, and expertise that come bundled with it. Say howdy to the post-American world.

I DARE them..

Or, as an alternative to a national oil company, we can have the Republican led regulators look the other way, like the sub-prime thing, and borrow drilling money like the good old Penn Square days....Then the fed can bail out the banks stockholders and end up running the oil business the via the "neo-con shuffle". This kind of thing seems to be happening more and more. Nobody talks about the Trillion dollars taken out of our national treasury during the last two weeks of March, and given to Wall Street, without any Congressional oversight. There is more to come. This conservative Republican reality makes Berle’s ideas look tame. Lots of liberal fear out there, but the conservative Republicans are the ones printing money and giving it to the special interests. And they are printing more for the Fannie/Freddie thing that is about to blow up. All done under the watchful eye of a so-called Conservative administration.

I didn't know that they still brewed Hamm's, if so, it is probably brewed by Miller in Fort Worth. I guess St. Arnold Summer Pils is not available in Pecos County. A friend brought me a bottle from Austin, though I haven't tried it yet - he raved about it.

Admittedly, the present administration has strayed quite a distance from Conservative free-market principles, but I see nothing positive in the Obama & Co. mindset.

When aspects of the free-market system do fail, we need to look for evidence of government interference in that particular market and how that interference, coupled with normal human screw-ups brought us to this particular situation.

Part of the housing/credit crunch is because the government told lenders to lend to certain credit-unworthy folks, in the name of "fairness"; part of it is because the lenders suspected that government would bail them out; and part of it is because the MSM have been talking down the economy for several years to hurt the Bush Administration.

[As I haven't yet had my coffee, I will abstain from further comments.]

Scott, so you agree with me that we shouldn't do anything about sub-prime loans? Let banks fail if they need and let strong banks buy them at pennies on the dollar. Prosecute those that defrauded people and don't bail out stupid people.

On The Rocks, don't you miss Hamm's? The Black and White bears drinking beer? Bear Beer.. I heard they were mean drunks. Tore up a campground, killed some folks. Hamm's had to dump them, and that was the end of the brand. Berle keeps about 100 cases he stowed away in cold storage for special occassions. His regular beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon. I had a frosty can of Pabst a couple of years ago in a dive bar 60 miles from Minot of North Dakota. Pabst is clearly the choice of folks that like to chase down flavored vodka shots in -20 degree weather.

Although I don't disgree with your take on republicans as a whole either. What a useless group of folks in general. Have you seen the "get drunk and vote for MCCain" website? It is apparently the most popular McCain destination. Arnie and McCain will straighten everything out for sure. Fast tracking to the Borg.

Yes, I agree. Let the banks fail, just pleeeeease give me one more Penn Square!!!!

It seems ironic to me that the right continues the state of denial regarding the failings of its domestic and foreign policies. Why do we project fear that the left will damage our nation in the future by making government the ultimate provider? Just pick up the newspaper and see what “conservative” policy is doing this very moment. We are in the midst of sweeping changes regarding domestic economic policy, wherein the government is THE provider.
In order to accomplish this, we are taking on debt larger than Berle ever dreamed of. Trillions. Unprecedented expansion of government. This is all engineered by an administration that labels itself “Conservative”. The American taxpayer has been ripped off like never before, and thieves are draped in the flag and carrying a Bible.

I really miss those 16 oz. glasses of Pearl Draft we used to get at the Pine Knot, Jr.. And the three keg parties I had in El Paso were all fueled by Pearl Beer.

"There's a little bit of Texas in every drop of Pearl".

Yeah, getting bears drunk is not a good idea.

BTW, Shiner Black is pretty good for its style, a Bohemian black lager.

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