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July 01, 2008


Perhaps the horrible decline in America is not due to inevitability, but due to George Bush and the so-called Christian Right. Don’t give up, because were about to have a black, liberal President to get the job done. America is not over,but the Christian Right is.

Peak Oil, Global Warming ,Polar Bears. It seems that our politicians are focused on goofy ideas instead of getting out of the way and letting our industry built the energy supplies we need to built our nation.I think the people are with us but their leaders are not.

..."a black, liberal President to get the job done."

To get what job done, complete the transition to a Socialist nation?

There is ample blame to go around between both parties for our current difficulties. Part of the problem is that in any complex system, there can be years (or decades) between cause and effect, i.e., when a government policy goes into effect, it may be decades before we see the results and by then most people can't make the connection, i.e., to know where to put the blame.

Just what problems do you attribute to the Christian Right? Is it something tangible or are they just a convenient punching bag?

Well, that question is an easy one.

Answer: Every nationally known Christian Leader (right) that endorses politicians stood squarely behind George Bush, and the policies of the Bush administration. Bush was and is the darling of the religious right. He is their guy. The list of leaders includes John Hagee, Pat Robertson and James Dobson, to name a few. The policies they supported include the war in Iraq, massive government spending, Gitmo, warrantless searches, wavier of Habeas Corpus, secrecy in government, and on and on. To my knowledge, nobody in the “Christian Right” leadership spoke out against these policies. In fact, they spoke out in defense of these polices. They had their chance and they blew it.

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