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August 14, 2008


La Cena taqueria, Decatur, Tx right where 51 t-bones into b. 287. I don’t think they serve beer but I’m not a beer drinker so wouldn’t know anyway. But they do have frosty strawberry Jarritos, Malta Goya (it’s an acquired taste) and cane sweetened Coca Colas. It’s not tex-mex but authentic Mexican, smaller portions and smaller prices. I always get a pollo taco, arrozo & lime, and a cold coca cola. The hard and heavy drilling has moved south but I still find excuses to get up that way. Mmmmm.

Barnanrd Street Bakery, Glen Rose, Tx (also known as the Tiger Mart) on 67 west of 144. If I am going to have to soldier through a tool failure, I need it to be near Glen Rose just so I can go to the Tiger mart and gorge myself on fresh pastries and cake! Dallas Snider plaza greats Doughmonkeys and Kubys have nothing on the pastries and Kolatchies offered at the Tiger Mart. Perhaps the only gas station in the world that also sells wedding cakes! Heaven!

The Smokehouse BBQ House near Henderson, Tx, west off of 79. I am not a big fan of vertical wells or BBQ but I did enjoy this place if only because it just owned this very atavistic attitude. Paper plates, wax paper, beef, saltine crackers, jalapenos, pickles, onions, and ice cold beer and soda with extra ice and that’s that.

The Dixie Café, Bourne, TX near college station and the Austin Chalk. 6.95 for two gigantically huge country fried steaks, 2 sides, and an ice tea. I thought it was okay but my husband who was born into the oil field, as was his father, grandfather, and great grandfather, swears by it.

The Rig Bar, Woodward, OK. Go if you dare! It is the consummate roughneck hangout; right across from a Halliburton yard which is situated in the middle of I guess an industrial park home to several other service yards. It has a little iron derrick on top and drill bit hitching posts out front, bars over the windows. Inside are a bunch of pool tables, Dallas cowboy and OU posters, and several really big, really macho, Oklahoma roughnecks tying on several dollar drafts before reporting for the graveyard tour.

The Rooster Bar, located within the Northwest Inn, Woodward, OK. Big dance floor, country music, classic rock, full bar, beautiful waitresses, ok burgers. The first thing you will notice is that it is filled with old school tool pushers who have never heard of keyView and are so mean that nobody can tell them to stay on location. You can tell they are tool pushers because they are all missing fingers, all of the wanna be worms buying them drinks and the periodic, very theatrical phone calls they make to their drillers. Anywhere you go in Woodward is going to be a bit rough and this place is not an exception, but I can tell you from experience that it’s the most civil place around up there where the wind goes stripping down the plains.

The Jaguar Club, Odessa, TX. (I think. Adults only!) Hey, it’s not Dallas, just little bitty Odessa but good talent never the less, and who doesn’t like going back to the Hilton Midland smelling like baby powder and stripper perfume watching those beautiful warning lights blink back at you from way out there in all that beautiful west Texas dark.

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