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February 15, 2009


Do we need unions….YES. As a former Teamster who worked his way through college working for UPS, I have a view of Unions from the inside. Collective bargaining is absolutely essential for maintaining a level playing field. Unions also do a good job of keeping labor in line. I have seen it close up. What’s going on today is the conservative anti union forces are cracking down on the individual by formation of State regulatory agencies, headed by political appointees, loyal to the corporate donors. These agencies were created to police workers, not represent their best interests. While the conservatives scream free market and deregulation, they are working overtime regulating the working class, especially in Texas. Just look at the TBPG, of which most of your readers are probably members of. TBPG is nothing more than a State policing agency.

Unleash capitalists…crack down on the individual.

One can not be a termite inspector in Texas without government approval.

I disagree collective bargaining is essential for a level playing field. I have worked in businesses that both certified the a Union and then decertified it because the advantages were not there. the best thing for a level playing field is for emplyees to anonymously share acurate compensation information with each other. What Unions do a good job of is collecting dues and convincing employers to do it for them. Want to see what happens when a Union has to collect its own dues on merit without payroll deduction?

Unions give management a scapegoat and vice versa. If you want a level palying field, share your information with your "brothers".

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