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September 13, 2009


Choke, I did notice the vast difference regarding the size of the crowd as reported by the media. I also notice the complaints of the crowds seemed to be vague and fear based. The complaints also seemed to mirror the RNC talking points handed down to Rush, Sean and Glenn, and broadcast non stop. Many of crowd seemed to be working class, concerned abut Obama being Muslim, being like Hitler, Socialism and taxes for the rich. No talk about regulating credit default swaps or Afghanistan, or Iraq, or other issues that directly effect the middle class. They do fear some, but not all, not aspects of health care reform, but they can’t seem to articulate their position beyond being mad as hell. America has fallen behind in many things, but our propaganda is still the best in the world.

At least they are taking to the streets and that is probably a good thing.


I saw some signs that were anti-politician as opposed to focusing one one party, and thought that was great.

In my view 99% of the politicians in Washington are money grubbing whores regardless of party affiliation.

But the bums are not going to throw themselves out, and have proven that they will use lawsuits to defeat term limits on themselves. So I'm never going to vote for an incumbent again. It's time for the career politician to go the way of the dinosaur.

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