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January 12, 2010


You forget that before the 18 wheeler, you have multiple trucks with multiple loads going to collection points; then another intermediate 18 wheeler ride to a regional distribution point; then at the regional distribution point you have another 18 wheeler ride to the store. It is all the intermediate issues that may or may not add in a constructive manner that you neglect. I can think of many store networks that would have 3000 miles of truck drive to move the actual goods a net of 1000 miles or so, or those same ratios. While the hippy pick up truck (or middle class farmer pickup truck, if you want to pull yourself away from the implicit political debate you seemingly want to add to the issue) would not compare if the hippy drove an 18 wheeler, the store networks in no way, shape, or form have nearly the efficiency of the farm to consumer that you seem to imply.

These are pretty great points, Confused, and they certainly do reduce the disparity by quite a bit...

The more I think about it, though, the better it seems to live in Southern or Central California or South Texas WRT Locavorism. Detroit would suck in the winter.

Lastly, WHAAA ME? Inject politics or sarcasm into meandering diatribe?

Actually, when dealing with short distances (less than 250 miles) between growers and consumers, the \"local consumption\"/hippie/farmer\'s market it almost certainly reverses your example.

Raspberries to Texas, your example is most likely true due to the greater distances to the consumer, the legs between the \"collection center\" and the distribution center will more than likely make your example true.

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