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April 30, 2010


Mr. Choke,

Good fact and Numbers based website.

Have you seen this:

At the very least, it is what Shakespeare meant by "Bad Form" http://tinyurl.com/23zkev8 (Link 2 GS Oil Short gaff) At worst: Foreknowledge?

Where do you think they got the tip?

Or was it dumb luck...?


Wow. I wonder how much the bet was for? A single trader?Goldman has lots of positions at any one time, I think, so really don't know what to read into it. Also, I don't know how you short the Gulf of Mexico. Short oil? Sure. Natural gas? Sure. How do you short the Gulf?

After commenting about this GS bet to my wife, she pointed out that the article is under the "comedy" tab at Huff Post.

It would be nice to have your take on this too:

Define "SWAT-Team" in the context of Obama's recent comments on reacting to the oil spill.

How many military organizations do we have deployed to the area anyway?

Air Force, Coast Guard (more or less), ?

Just looking at the cast of characters to see if it fits how past similar events have been responded to in a similar manner or not.



An all around amazing piece!!!

I could not think you are more right.

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