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April 18, 2010


Well intended. And you grew up where? South Central? Detroit? Dallas?

A border town with gang issues.


I think a big part of all of this is the 24 hr news cycle. The "national" news is now nothing but a collection of cobbled together local stories. Child gets abducted in Florida? The whole country hears about it in minutes, and if there is surveillance video of the event, all the better. Since we all hear about it, it might as well have happened just down the street. Lock the doors!

I live in (the) ATL and awhile ago I saw an AMBER alert posted on our electronic highway signs (complete with license # and car description) about an abduction in KANSAS. (My first thought was: damn, that guy must be driving pretty f**king fast for me to be concerned about it.) Same fear generation from our well meaning government.

The microscope is also necessarily narrow in its view. I'm reminded of the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979. The way the footage looked, I imagined all of Tehran involved in the protests. Not so at all--more akin to a local strike of the carpenter's union, really.

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