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April 10, 2010


American oil men don’t like Chavez because of his policies regarding their ability to extract cash from Venezuelan oil. That is the beginning and the end of the story. They could care less about his stances on freedom of the press or his internal policies. They love to parrot the Sean and Rush and all of the other propagandists who dis Chavez. If Chavez would lighten up on our ability to make money in Venezuela they would love him. When was the last time you heard Sean or Rush or Choke speak critically of the Saudi Family or the Kuwaiti Royals, or the Nigerian government or the endless list of tyrannical homicidal maniacs American oil men embrace to make money. Remember the photos of Bush (baby) holding hands with the Saudi King? The funny thing is, the oil guys never really think of the situation in these terms. They are so brainwashed in their own propaganda they can actually hold two separate and opposing sets of facts in their heads, and believe whichever one tends to produce the most money. Now they want to get "moral" with Chavez. What a joke that is. Why not just say “Chavez cut off my money so I can’t stand the SOB. Oil men can’t do that. They have got to invoke morality because they are always on the “moral” side. What total and complete BS. The oil business is about cash and only cash. Oil men will go anywhere and do anything for oil and cut a deal with any sleaze bag dictator for oil. It has always been that way.


The defense of Hugo, ie "oilmen are corrupt, thus Hugo is good", is ludicrous. Most oilmen I know have never done business overseas at all. How about something as simple as "I support the sanctity of contracts". Or "I do what I say I will do". How about "be professional". That is what Hugo rejects, and why I think him a scoundrel. PDeVeSA was one of the great companies on Earth. It had wildly competent VENEZUELAN geoscientists, engineers, and managers. It grew Venezuelan production, and it supported, nearly single handedly, the social welfare infrastructure of that country. Hugo destroyed that utterly. Venezuelan production has been destroyed, it will not come back, the brain drain from the national oil company complete, and the Chinese have effectively taken over. Your hatred of of the US and its institutions force you into supporting the unsupportable if it is defined as "Anti-US". I had a Columbian friend in grad school that was just this way. I respected him until I realized he was merely "Anti-US". Human Rights appear worthless to you and your like-minded compatriots unless they support anti-capitalism. That is why the leftist efforts of the 20th century resulted in loss of life and property on epic proportion. People die protecting what is rightfully theirs from thieves and robbers.

Choke you are reading something into my post that is not there. I did not say oilman bad, Hugo good. I did say Hugo is the villain de jour with the right wing capitalists. They love to hate Hugo. Do you think it has something to do with his nationalization of foreign oil interests? I do. If you want to consider tinhorn dictators that jail people and control the press and suppress human rights, Hugo is not on the radar screen. Our great “allies” in the Middle East make Hugo look like a saint. Oil men in general, don’t give damn about evil dictators with oil, unless the dictator treats them one tenth as bad as he treats his people. I have heard endless stories told of connections with ministers, generals,...etc, told with a gleam in the eye and a sense of a “score”. It is all about money. It is all about money. In that sense, the oil business is pure, because you know what you are dealing with. But no, now we are the “moral” ones and leaders we pick out to criticize just happen to be the ones that don’t want to let us get in their country and make a killing. Want to criticize an oppressor? Write a piece on Israel or Siri Lanka. That won’t happen because they have not screwed any oil men out of money. Oil men are so full of BS. They have it all figured out, from global warming to the internal policies of all oil producing countries. The only consistency is that the oilman’s position always inures to their economic interest, and they are so narrow and brainwashed they really believe their own BS. Just say “I hate Hugo because I want more money”. There is nothing wrong with that. We are in the oil business. We are supposed to be about money. Respect the game Choke.

Holy cow, Royale...I thought Choke was a little hard on you for a second, then I realized that you understood oilmen like, well, an oilman! Welcome to the club. I know, we represent everything that you hold repugnant, but you have to admit the lifestyle doesn't suck! Hanging out at the ROCC last week, watching the tennis tournament, I thought to myself, "we need more clay courts in underdeveloped nations". Then I came to my senses and decided that tennis breeds evil, not vice versa. No more tennis in the third world. Let them pitch horseshoes.

Oh, and Royale, hurry home. Things are going swimmingly here in the States!

Yes, I do like the money and I choose not to veil it in some wierd psudo morality. It is what it is. I do like the tennis also. I say screw Chavez's oil polices because I want more money and he stands my way.

And to think I thought "oilmen" were as innocent as your neighborhood Cutco Knife salesmen!

I didn't realize we were all immoral cash grubbing globalist' who don't even care about third world exploitation. I guess I'll have to break the news to my wife and kids - they may divorce me but what the hell - I want the CASH!!!

Hater...I will be OK because your wife digs the cash, too. Just don't let her find out what else you are "exploiting", dude.

“I hate Hugo because I want more money”

Lawl, moron. You missed the point of choke's post. It was that Hugo's stupidity caused this guy's oil to me worth more money, and people hold Cavez to be a dear man of the people who has the guts to attack those bourgeoisie robber barons. You stupid, stoopid idiot.

He's useful to a lot of American oilmen -- a sort of useful idiot! Oh, and I'm sure they have no use for those Saudis who Nationalized Aramco either. They too are thieves.

They're useful idiots. And you simply dodge the points that choke made in his post: he completely destroyed the social infrastructure in the country and is acting tyrannical. It would have been better for everyone in the country if Hugo left it alone.

Yes, those other people are tyrants of a greater magnitude, but they're not idols of anyone. Hugo is an idol of the left, so he deserves every bit of abuse he gets.

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