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May 05, 2010


I suppose you have already tried to convince them of how much easier life would be if all aquifers or oil reservoirs were made up of unconsoliated conglomerates. We probably wouldn't gripe about unconsolidated breccias, either. It would save a fortune on frac'ing.

Have you tried to convince them that you are practicing xeriscaping in order to conserve water?

Have you tried doing a video of what happens to water (dyed with food coloring to help illustrate) when you pour it onto the crushed granite/river rock ground cover?

What about declaring that your permeable rock ground cover is actually an aquifer-recharge zone? (That last one might be too risky as they may take it too seriously.)

Maybe it is their brains that are actually impermeable to logic.

Actually, your personal example is *not* one of vagueness. If your town had a law that said the outside "shall not be distasteful", *that* would be the vagueness issue that the criminal statute article talks about.

Your issue on the "impermeable" is one of just not following the law as written, *not* one of being vague.

Instead of complaining, out in river rock then sue the council. Standard statutory interpretation does not allow "a" to be "not a", and your demonstration at trial would cost your city 30k or so (at the very least) to lose. So make 'em pay....

The other view is that the "material" is impermeable, to which you respond that the granulates of sand are individually impermeable, thus sand or soil itself is violative.

But, as I said, the way forward is to make the martinets *pay* (through the fun stuff of suit and depositions) for their efforts at expanding.

I stand corrected. You are absolutely right. It is the "attractive color" regarding house paint code that is subjective and vague.

Choke, "defending Super Bowl champs the Houston Texans"...you owe me a wireless keyboard and a diet coke.

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