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May 28, 2010


"the kill seems to have worked"? Really? I am still seeing the "give it 48 hours" line.

One thing I think is kind of funny is that when the public is seeing testimony from people on the rig, they necessarily see 99 Transocean employees and service hands, to the one BP guy (who took the fifth, and who can blame him).

Yeah, apparently spoke too soon. Dang it.

Thanks for your commentary, even if you did speak too soon. Evidence seemed to indicate it had worked. I feel sorry for BP because someone will take the blame and they are it, right or wrong. Any professional commentary/analysis on the situation would be appreciated. The media hype is disgusting.

I quit reading Time magazine years ago. Why? I noticed whenever they talked about something I knew about, they got it, not quite wrong, but twisted.


If they are wrong on this, how do I know they are right about anything?

I quit reading Time.

I also quit reading Scientific American after the kill piece on Lomborg after he wrote the "Skeptical Environmentalist". They were grossly unfair and quite frankly, unscientific in their criticism. In science, you attack the ideas, not the person. Or so I was taught to believe.

What I have noticed is when the media gets shrill about something, they are upset because they cannot refute what their target has done or said.

Case in point:

A lot has been said about the birds killed in this oil spill. What are we up to now, 500?

Nothing is said about the thousands of birds chopped up by wind turbines every year.

See http://theresilientearth.com/?q=content/wind-power-green-and-deadly

Why is that? Why does one industry get a pass and the other doesn't? Where are all the lawsuits from the environmentalists against wind turbines?

Anyway, don't accept anything from the media without careful verification.

Planetresource.net has a Eco friendly solution to clean up the tragedy British Petroleum has created, please watch the video animation:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60bdQQQ3iVw and pass this along to as many people as you know.

One person can still make a difference in this world, is that simple interactions have a rippling effect. Each time this gets pass along, the hope in cleaning our planet is passed on.

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