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May 03, 2010


Script for BP's lawyers/PR team.
1. This would just be a normal day in the industry if it wasn't on the news so much. It is standard industry practice - just look at this list of bigger spills.
2. There is no proof the oil on the surface is actually coming from the well bore? It might just be a "natural seep" from nearby. THere is NO direct evidence that this oil slick has anything to do with the rig explosion.
3. We are responsible operators and we are victims of environmental wing-nuts who want to cause paranoia over off-shore drilling.
4. There is no oil slick. It's just sensationalism.
5. These are people suing us for damages.

Hmmm. BP and Toyota should get together for a drink....

I thought the entire region from the mouth of the Mississippi to Texas is already dead.

Isn't most of the area threatened by this spill part of the infamous 'dead zone'?


If true, what damages will BP be responsible for, exactly?

Isn't the 'dead zone' the result of all of the over application of fertilizers in the Mid-West?

If that is true, why aren't all the farming communities upstream held legally responsible for all the damage they have caused?

After all the hysteria about this great disaster, so far we've counted two gannets.


Meanwhile, the Coast Guard confirmed that the oil hit the Chandeleur Islands off Louisiana’s southeast tip on Thursday, and the state said two gannets, a type of large seabird, had been found dead, covered in oil.

We have to conclude that one of the greatest of environmental disasters in oil patch history has killed two birds.

Certainly this compares favorably with the hundreds of thousands of birds killed by wind turbines.

I wonder how many birds are killed per BTU of each respective energy technology?

You have to love this quote from the above NYT article:

“The possibility remains that the BP oil spill could turn into an unprecedented environmental disaster,” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on a visit to Biloxi, Miss. “The possibility remains that it will be somewhat less.”

I could say the possibility remains I could be involved in a fiery, head on collision on my way to work this morning. Nonetheless, I will get into my car and drive to work.

It's a meaningless statement. No matter what happens, Janet Napolitano has cover.

I want to know how the Times Square bomber got through all that security at JFK.

Maybe Janet could help us out there and quit worrying about the Gulf.

Jack, Brilliant! Best perspective yet...

I disagree with the proposition that many of the "Obama's Katrina" propagandists "hate Obama for whatever reason."

Obama is definitely "their guy." But these folks don't operate on facts and substance -- they operate on emotion, knee-jerk reactions and hysteria.

Using the media to try to force Obama to pander to their special interests or to give him cover so he can pander to their special interests, is exactly how they operate.

That being said, even though Obama is their man, don't think for a minute that these folks wouldn't turn on him and sacrifice him on an alter as they would their own children... if it would save one tree... which is much more important to them than human life.

I answered my own question on birds lost per BTU.

The following was sent to Denver Post this morning:

To date, the confirmed death toll for birds due to BP Gulf oil spill is two.

How many birds are killed per year by wind turbines?

The National Research Council in its publication "Environmental Impacts of Wind-Energy Projects" states wind turbines kill 100,000 birds per year.

It is estimated oil production in the US kills 2,000,000 birds per year. See US Fish and Wildlife Service publication "Migratory Bird Mortality".

Wind turbines, if we assume the wind blows all day, produces 22.8 giga BTUs per year.

The US consumes 37,000,000 giga BTUs in oil per year.

Do the math and one finds the following:

Wind turbines kill 4,385 birds per million BTUs produced.

Oil kills 0.053 birds per million BTUs produced.

Birds are much safer when we get our energy from oil over wind.

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