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October 28, 2010


The Chinese are all over Africa--make that places in Africa that have natural resources China needs. It is trying to lock up supplies to fuel its growth. With some trillion in foreign exchange reserves and a current account surplus, why would a little thing like shitty fiscal environment discourage China? Look for many more Chinese restaurants next time you are there. And for China to start investing in Colombia's infrastructure....

China is making big moves in Algeria, Chad, Central African Republic, and Sudan. They don't care about economic recovery, they are just after a steady supply.

I agree with you both. China's efforts are nothing if not rational. The exception I took to the bankers in the crowd was that China isn't merely a financial investor. Loans to governments unable to pay, setting up to coopt infrastructure to enforce payment, insuring idealogically-driven regimes are wholly unpalatable to western banking help from a risk perspective borrows from the US/CIA playbook post WWII and into the 1960's along with inscrutable French and Russian cold war and beyond efforts. Loan to own!

"Real potential winner in the Russia/US/China triangle is India. They emerge as the easy folks to do business with."?
Only so long as you have the right partner and the right "fixer"....

About 8 months ago, most of the western majors pulled out for these reasons..

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