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January 26, 2011


Agreed....we have the wrong messanger fast forward to 5:00 and watch at least for 45 seconds..the entire thing is worth watching but I just love the "I'm for America" thing......


Brilliant...long, but brilliant.

You guys need a new VP of Land over at your shop?

The problem is that these politicians are not interested in the reality of their decisions. Their only concern is if the dumbass idea tests well with their voting base leading to re-election. These Harvard educated politicians are not stupid, they know what they are doing (which is even scarier). All they care about is getting re-elected so they throw gasoline on the fire and tell the blind people that it's actually water.

ThatGuy... how right you are! That IS the terrifying part! They know the truth, and the intentionally obfuscate it in order to drive FUD. Completely shameful, and, were they in the private sector, be subject to prosecution for fraud. It is fraud on the most massive scale, and it is completely the norm and not the exception. Yet we are supposed to trust EVERYTHING to these clowns according to some!

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