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March 12, 2011



I know it is too soon to know, but it looks like the problems in Japan could be a game changer as far as the future of the nuclear power industry during our lifetime. How do you see this impacting (possibly) the oil & gas biz? What about the short term?

What a timely question! I was having lunch today in a South American country with a country manager for an NOC that had built several LNG terminals around the world. Among these folks, the short and long term demand for LNG in Japan cannot help but go up, most likely substantially. With the trashing of at least one Nuke Plant, this energy will need to be replaced PLUS the energy needed to rebuild. Once again, oil and gas benefits from what is a huge natural disaster. One of the ironic and problematic PR issues facing our industry...

I read today where San Antonio suspended talks to participate in the expansion of the South Texas Nuclear Project…..Gee…the changes sure come fast!!!

I can imagine a natural gas fired power plant is fairly quick and easy to build as compared to nuclear and even coal….is this correct?

I like to have fun with the bums. If they hold up a "I'm hungry" sign, I will offer them food instead of money, predictably, they turn me down. I find that amusing, personally.

I have only given money to a bum twice; once for honesty and once for creativity. The honest bum's sign read: "not going to lie, I just want a beer". The creative bum's sign read: "family kidnapped by ninjas, need money for Karate lessons". Make me laugh, entertain me, and I might just fund your addiction for a day.

"Make me laugh, entertain me, and I might just fund your addiction for a day."

Well...you know the world is round....

I suggest bum advertising. They should just rent out their sign space to the highest bidder.

Their sales pitch would be easy... "Does bum advertising work? it just did."

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