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March 06, 2011


Did you ask her if she could answer the question "Who is John Galt?"?

San Anto;

Last week I received the news that the freedom fighter / terrorists had blown up the court house in my home town, San Anto. I grew up there and did not understand how this could have happened so I drove home to see the remains of the court house. It was so sad, nothing but a smoldering hole. They said it was a truck bomb. As soon as I stepped out of my Prius, I heard sirens, and rumors the freedom fighter / terrorists had just attacked the Nuevo Riche country club and were now burning houses in the Domain. I jumped in the Prius and drove there at double speed.

As soon as I pulled into “the club” I saw the pro shop in flames. I exited the Prius and a friend told me the freedom fighter / terrorists had attacked the 19th hole. This is a place I knew well. I rushed to the scene and was staggered when I entered the sacred space. When I opened the door I saw the carnage. Seventeen golfers were laid out on the floor like blood soaked matchstick men. For trophies the freedom fighter / terrorists carved out the little embroidered white sharks and golden bears from the golfer’s shirts, leaving them half naked in blood soaked Sansablets. How could this have happened? I knew some of these guys. They carried guns, and when Obama was elected they bought even more guns. I asked the Hispanic bartender what happened. He said the golfers tried to draw their pistolas, but the gats were tucked in the waist of the pants. It seems the heat from the pro shop fire rendered the Sansablets ridged, so the guns were stuck between middle age paunch and firm elastic. This is a lesson I will not forget.

I exited the pro shop and drove down the street to see the flames around the corner. It was shocking. The mansions were in full bloom. Freedom fighter / terrorists were walking around, unencumbered, between National Guard troops. I tried to motivate the Guard, but they were part of the economic draft and could not give a shit about the burning mansions. They were too busy texting and playing video games on smart phones.

I was disgusted. While walking back to my Prius I spotted an old high school friend. I tagged him…hey, Johnny..this is Royal….he greeted me and we talked of old times.
Then I said, Johnny, how did this happen. He said Royal, your parents and my parents raised us, and sent us to college on workers’ wages. We did even better, but it took our wives working too. Now all our kids have is a mortgaged house and a mortgaged car and they are losing those. They should have seen this coming. They pulled the well too hard. Kings get killed, and now we have revolution in America. I can’t understand how they did not see this coming.

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