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May 14, 2011


Choke, I must say this one tops your position that the 2008 financial crisis was caused by poor people wanting houses. Now you feed us this:

"4.  Polls overwhelmingly say that Americans don't want politicians to mess with their stash of Medicare.  In other words, f*** the kids and grandkids.  I need my "free" heroin."

I love the use of "herion" as metaphor for a desperate need for health care. This is an interesting position, especially during one of the worst economic times in America, when millions of people have lost their health care through no fault of their own. I keep coming back to this blog to try to understand the mind set of the 21st Century American Capitalist. It is scary as hell.

Royal, you know what scares the he'll out of me? That bright individuals such as yourself are in total denial about the structural deficiencies of our entitlement systems, and, when they are pointed out, immediately respond with ad hominem attacks about how "heartless" those that disagree with you are. I am pretty sure I have individually made more of a positive difference in more peoples lives than those that think me heartless.

If we were driving down the road, and I noted that we were going to drive off a cliff a quarter mile ahead, and you said you really wanted to go straight ahead, and that I was obviously bigoted against drivers and people that, for no fault of their own, were OWED the right to go go straight, and I was a greedy pig for questioning your driving, I am pretty sure I am not the fool.

Heroin is a metaphore for the addictive nature of " free" stuff, btw. My article on the collapse noted that our efforts to provide guaranteed loans to people that couldn't afford them and were quick to walk away from debt obligations caused were instrumental to the collapse. Act outraged all you like, it doesn't change the truth of the situation.

I am not outraged, nor am I surprised. I will stick by my position that it is proper to put into question your comparison of poor people seeking health care to a junkie seeking heroin. Your position and choice of words merit a response and an opposing position. This is especially relevant when you throw this out during a time when our unemployment and underemployment are at, or near record levels. In case you have not noticed, millions of people are suffering in America and do not have access to adequate health care. I have an acquaintance in the oil biz that has recently fallen on some hard times. Real hard times. This kind of things goes around in this business and it can happen to you, regardless of how smart you are, or think you are. This unfortunate acquaintance shares your views regarding so called "entitlements". I will bet you his view of access to health care changes really quick when he looses his insurance, as the poor fellow is in bad health. How would you feel if you lost your health insurance choke? Would you want "free stuff" and more "free stuff"? How would you respond to someone comparing your plight to an addiction? What would you have these people do? Eat cake? Lay down and die?

Ida Tarbell is a woman.

whoops. Good catch, and sorry for the mistake.

"Heroin is a metaphore for the addictive nature of " free" stuff,"

Thanks for clearing this one up! Yes, I guess we need to wean those poor people off health care, casue next thing you know they will demand water and clean air....It will do them good in the long run...

Apparently, you have no cncern about costs, or the behaviors that result from risk-free or cost-free access to resources?That seems... inconsistent.

Sure I have concern about costs, however I think this issue really shows a difference in the way we think. My concern is more about funding health care for Americans and cutting back on foreign wars and bailing out capitalists gone wild. I don’t think of health care as “addictive free stuff” that needs to be taken away so as not to cause dependence. Viva le difference. And what about that 19000' deep Bossier test being drilled by Leor in Trinity County offsetting the old Shell well? They do have a track record.

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