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May 26, 2011


Has the east texas oilfield completly watered out? I did a quick check on drilling info and it looks like there is zero oil production???

That is quite worrisome - I've seen firsthand what oil theft, or "bunkering" looks like in Nigeria. It ruins the country - corruption, pollution, and criminalism at its worst. I actually thought we were somewhat insulated from these things here in America. I'm not so blind as to think it doesn't happen, but 25-50% of condensate production? That's worse than our losses in Nigeria. I'm starting to think South Texas is resembling the Niger Delta a bit too much these days.

Of course, it doesn't do any good to identify a problem alone - one must always look to a solution. Yes, we need to secure our border, but that is not a final answer. If there is money to be made, the gangs / cartels will find a way. How can you provide enough economic opportunity to divert people from crime and towards an honest buck?

Guards are expensive. Video cameras are cheap. One person in an air-conditioned room can watch for the arrival of trucks near a camera-equipped condensate tank and then, write down the license plate, or speak into a microphone through a loudspeaker near the tank: "Boy, what the heck do you think your doin?"

If this does not work, there is an optional , remotely-triggered liquid oxygen spray system....

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