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August 06, 2011



Now Quicksilver gets served, lets talk about it. I am interested in comments from from TPH.....


Let me be the first to criticize the SEC for going after the US shale gas operators in this time of national crisis. Shale gas in one of the few things that this country has that can contribute to pulling us out of our ballance of trade, as well as our employment problems. The SEC is under fire for turning a deaf ear to the crisis of 2008, the Goldman Sachs fraud and a litany of other obvious frauds. As an alternative, they focus on the oil business and Roger Clemens. This attack is 90% political. I say 90% because, in my opinion, the shale operators knowingly overstate their reserves, just like the Saudis, the Kuwaitis, Shell, on and on and on. Most of them do it, but they all produce product and create good jobs.

The oil business is no friend of the Obama adminisrtration. One thing you can be sure of is this politically charged investigation will result in criminal and civil convictions. The SEC must show they are proactive, and the oil biz is an easy target. We wont be seeing any more Jr. aggie tough talk out of TPH. We wont see more bravado about how wrong Berman is. The smart money will just try to be invisible until this sad and unfortunate drama runs it's course. There is no parole in a Federal crime. People say Federal Penitentiary is "country club" living......don't buy into that. Fed time is hard time, especially for oil guys that are used to good food and women. They are trying to put you in prison to take heat off of them. Now is a good time to lay low, and when you write on a blog, pretend the SEC is reading it to a jury.


"About 20,000 royalty owners who have Barnett Shale natural gas leases with Chesapeake Energy will likely see their royalty checks slashed by roughly 25 percent after the company deducts expenses associated with post-production, such as gas gathering, compression and transportation."


Ouch....what if they get away with this? Will the shareholders ask "if this is our right under the lease, then why didn't we withold these funds from the jump?...I want my money back"

Royalle w/ Cheese...you're on fire.

But what makes you think CHK's shareholders know anything about the oil & gas business? Wouldn't the fact that they own CHK preclude an in-depth knowledge?

Point taken Hondo....

Check out my interview, Hondo Lane is Mr. Little Oil:


nice watch!

The Natural Gas Act, which would have done great things to open up domestic use of natural gas is DEAD, killed not by those evil liberal socialists, but by the Republican Conservatives.

"The new efforts of right-wing organizations to oppose the NAT GAS Act are paying off, convincing co-sponsors to take the unusual step of publicly withdrawing their support for a bill that they previously cosponsored. Reps. Tim Griffin (R-AR) and Glenn Thompson (R-PA) withdrew their names as sponsors on May 26, joining Reps. Todd Akin (R-MO) and Steve Pearce (R-NM), who dropped their backing earlier in the month. Rep. Thompson had also been a co-sponsor of the 2009 version of the bill."

Heritage Foundation says http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2011/05/natural-gas-vehicle-subsidies-hurt-consumers

Obama and most of the "socialists" supported this bill. America has a lot of problems and this act had solutions, maybe the only no-brainer solutions..to help with jobs, balance of trade and the environment.

Are you rich enoughh to be a conservative??? Drill baby drill...ha ha ha

its a rental...

watched the video. eliz = hot,,,hondo = playa.. respect

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