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September 13, 2011


You'll need a follow-up for those too stupid to figure out your metaphor.

Clearly, Choke is stating his agreement with Marx's theory of Dialectical Materialism, or in the alternative, he is smoking kine bud. Go Choke

Either the horses are business in general or the oil and gas business, the cart is society, and Del is the Democratic Party and Rico is the Republican Party. Ducks? I think they must be alt energy? Did I get it right?

Please excuse me for changing the subject…but I am not sure what the subject is.

Range Production has just drilled an interesting horizontal well in western Walker County (Gibbs 1-H) in what appears to be laminated sands about 100’ above the Buda. The lateral is 4000 feet +. This section does not look like much on the log, but I am hearing rumors…and I always believe oilfield rumors. In any event, it looks like Range has put together a big lease position, 100,000 acres or so. If this well works it seem to me a lot of country will be in play.

Heck, I enjoyed the story just for the sake of the story. But, it seems to me, if there is 'deeper meanin' here the Horses must symbolize average "Joe worker" (whose life is always getting screwed by the brilliant ideas of upper management, Uncle Sam, etc.) Del is symbolic of Modern Business 'upper management' (always wanting to improve his bottom line with no regard for common sense) Rico represents "Common Sense" - no one pays any attention to him anyway. And the Ducks represent the Democratic Party- symbolizing a "new way of doing things" ie. CHANGE but when the going gets tough, they fly off and get drunk (Martha's Vineyard). Of course, the Republican Party was not represented in this story, if they were, they would be the Duck hunters...

A metaphor is sometimes a Picasso or a Miro. If you like it, fine. If you don't, fine. It is not information or fact or reason, it is for the pleasure it gives the first group and the artist, nothing more.

Ok…I think I have got it figured out.

Dlebert - Delbert is Dave Pursell of TPH…he comes up with ideas and projections which destroy capital with the hope to make short term money and always projects his failures on others

The Horses – The horses are the shale gas investors…driven into the ground

Rico- Rico is Art Berman, always there to provide an insight into the truth.

The only thing missing from the story is the Cavalry, riding in to save the day, which, of course is the SEC

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