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October 28, 2011


Ms. Burns, who posts here from time to time has some interesting views on hypocrisy in her Nov. 18 post. I tend to agree with her.


Funny, what you call a sin might, by someone else, be called just enjoying themselves.

Or visa versa.

Smoking, drinking, gambling, all supposedly sins in someones eyes. So is sex for pleasure, if your a catholic, or sex out of wedlock for almost every Christian.

On the other hand, Ted, and his ilk spread the word for the sake of making money, not for the sake of spreading the word.

Funny how so many of those TV preachers have to have a mansion, five cars and big posse.

Yes sir, lots of hypocrisy going on in the world. How about all them Catholic priests who like to diddle little boys?

Are they going to get in to heaven because they were diddling to save souls?

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