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October 11, 2011


My comments have been limited to Choke’s assertion that the American Dream is alive and well, in spite of the worst economic downturn in the America’s history, and that he holds himself, “The Choke” in the flesh, as an example of the dream in action. I find this ridiculous, and listed reasons why in a prior post.

I also find portions of the “Rely on the Prize” soliloquy to be nonsensical, although not nearly as arrogant and as absurd as Choke’ post. For example, the quote regarding the Wall Street protests from ROTP:

“They are protesting against capitalism and the free market, and I cannot support such a protest.”

Now I don’t claim to understand all the protesters stand for, but it seems to me that protesters issues with Wall Street have less to do with a free market and everything to do with a rigged market. If there was a free market, Goldman, JP Morgan and all the other firms would be belly up. The protest, in my opinion is focused on the special treatment given Wall Street by the our government and the Federal Reserve, to include the bailout with no strings attached, wherein massive bonuses were doled out to the guys who caused the problem and then debt was transferred to Joe citizen. If you want to talk about socialism, just look at Wall Street. And you think the firms are good to pay the money back? What a joke that is. Take a look at the biggest welfare mother in the world, AIG. The protesters are complaining about the revolving door between Goldman Sachs and the Federal Regulators. I must say this is a point that resonates with me.

Wall Street has corrupted our SEC and disconnected the alarm system over the years. They created the debt with derivatives and made us pay it out, 100 cents on the dollar and then paid themselves bonuses with our bailout money. The average Joe did not get a bailout. Now there is anger and there are good reasons for it. I think the protesters want the money back and are prepared to take back. I think this is a good thing. I hope they take any measures necessary to get the job done.

If Royale is correct about the protesters, and I sense that he is, Wall Street is NOT where they should be rallying. They should all be on Pennsylvania Avenue, in front of the Capital, in front of the White House, in front of the Treasury Building.

Would they kill the wolf for eating a baby willingly offered by its parents? Aren't the parents responsibe for the baby being eaten, not the wolf?

They need to protest against, and get rid of, the wolf-feeding baby-parents. Wolf jus' bein'

i think they are protesting against corruption - it comes in many forms at many levels.

He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind; and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.


First get rid of the food, then the rats will die off.

I sometimes wonder about the middle aged oil guys that beat their chests about how successful they are, and attribute it to brains, hard work and America. In my opinion, most of them are just bubble riders, at the right place during the right time. Now the bubbles are popping and they are feeling very mortal. Oh, and has anybody heard more about those new SEC subpoenas to shale gas operators?

That's funny... I was wondering what it is about folks that think success for others was just a pure lucky roll of the dice, and that it somehow was a bloated and out of control meddling government that is ultimately responsible and thus warranted in dictating what the lucky winner gets to keep. I agree that crony capitalism exists. It gets bigger as government gets more powerful. I admit that fraudsters exist. Rules and regulations should be enforced approriately. The unconventional resources we have are NOT a static pie, nor are the "best practices". Saying it is a fraud is thrwoing the baby out with the bathwater, like calling capitalism a fraud, rather than the few that try to bend or break the rules. Oh wait, that IS your thesis! When one takes for granted ALL the benefits of the system, and thinks that they are not a product of that same system, and wants to dismantle the system to solve for the edge effects, it seems that one isn't fully aware of the cost/benefit. Of course, these are the same that DON'T believe in cost/benefit, because costs don't matter. It is value based, and based on non unversal principals or even non majority principals.

I am saying that times are different now in America, and one cannot equate the post war economic boom in America with the 21st century reality. Use any measuring stick you like, and you will see diminished opportunity. Therefore, I think it is unfair to tell the kids “By God I did this and the other and achieved this wealth and the reason you don’t have the “stuff” is that you don’t ..blah blah blah”. That is the typical line from a bubble rider.

Times are different but opportunities abound for those willing to use their minds on creativity or get dirty or work hard or all of the above....and some opportunities have just not been thought of yet. These opportunities will be realized because of the American Dream and then the government will find a way to ride the bubble and get a piece of the success in the name of helping those that can't help themselves and the cycle continues......

Shit, Royale...I guess I can stop trying to get rich in the oil business. That PLM degree from OU is just a piece of paper. I didn't know I was riding a bubble and was just lucky.

Maybe I should get a job as a substitute teacher. I'll talk to kids about disenfranchised middle-aged geologists

A BA Degree?????

A BBA, plus a graduate degree, equals substitute teacher qualification! Score!

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