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December 04, 2011


That article struck me as funny, too. How 'bout the guy that took his golf club to the car in order to protect himself from the turkey. In my world, that happens exactly once. What was he doing with the golf club?

You know what I call a turkey that attacks me at my door? Free delivery!

Reminds me that I need to clean my shotgun before I get my Christmas bird.

My concern was that the Haars, the so called "owners" of the turkey, still have no clue that they were the problem the entire time.

You feed wild animals you get animals with no fear of humans, animals that sooner or later are going to die at the hand of a human. I'm surprised nobody killed it before, considering all the problems they had with it.

actually not all northeners are sissified liberals. I'm from western PA. Grew up hunting turkey, deer and beer as big game. I'd just have had an early start on my thanksgiving bird.

what's happened to the author? No articles since early December.

Yes Stanton, it is strange that choke left the blog without putting his readers on notice. I hope nothing bad has happened.

Royal - I'm with you. Hope Choke is ok.

Try out this Blog as an alternative...at least until choke surfaces:


Thanks, Royal. I'll check it out.

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