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December 01, 2011


I really agree that as bloggers we should direct traffic to other sources. It keeps the community healthy and our readers engaged. Like you say in point 2, “Linking out turns your blog into a resource”. It also shows that you take time to research in the field your write about, perhaps showing your readers you are a reliable source.

Your argument makes a lot of sense. I fully agree that neither local, nor federal, government should intervene in commerce to inhibit competition. This thesis is all well and good until someone wants to build a casino/ gentleman's club/night club right next door to your kids' elementary school, or right near your gated subdivision. At that point, I am extremely happy to have local zoning authorities intervene to prevent such businesses from entering. It's a two-edged sword. I think a lot of "rules" are written crystal clearly, but high powered lawyers can always find ways around rules. At that point, you need humans to step in, interpret them, and use reasonable man standards to determine whether certain ventures are inappropriate in certain cases.

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